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Dunn Pediatric Dentist Answers, Should I Get my Child an Electric Toothbrush?

Though you wouldn’t think moving a brush briskly over ones’ teeth and gums is very difficult, many children dislike or fear tooth brushing…which is bad news for their oral health. Some parents find that introducing an electric toothbrush into a child’s routine is a great way to make brushing a fun adventure, rather than a loathsome chore. Below is more information on whether an electric toothbrush is a good idea for your child.

Age Considerations & Safety

Most major electric toothbrush manufacturers state that their product is suitable for children over the age of 3. Two factors, however, influence safety more than the child’s age: parental supervision, and type of toothbrush. The electric toothbrush should be designed specifically for a child’s grip and gum sensitivity (i.e. softer bristles.) You should also you supervise your child’s brushing routine until the age of seven. Provided that both of these factors are met, then the child’s age should not matter much, as long as he or she is no longer a toddler.

Benefits of an Electric Toothbrushes for Kids

Some dentists believe that using an electric toothbrush too early stops children from developing the motor skills necessary for manual brushing. However, opinions are divided, as many dental organizations feel that electric brushes are exciting devices that encourage children to brush with enthusiasm. Electric toothbrushes have also been shown to provide many other advantages over manual brushing, such as:

  • Better plaque removal than manual brushes, according to multiple independent studies
  • Pressure sensors which signify when the child is brushing too hard
  • Timer features which inform the child to stop brushing via a song or other noise
  • In some models, digital reminders that inform parents when it’s time to replace the brush head

Due to all these features, we generally view electric toothbrushes as a positive oral health tool for both adults and children. If you would like our pediatric dentists to make a recommendation for a particular style or brand, just ask us during your child’s next dental appointment, and we will be happy to advise you!

Concerns About Loose Teeth

One concern some parents have is that the vibrations of the electric brush may aggravate loose teeth. Most children start losing teeth between five and seven, but some teeth can become a bit wobbly in children as young as four. Because the process of losing teeth can span as much as three years, it is not worth avoiding an electric toothbrush. In fact, it is quite natural to rely on normal, gentle brushing to help free a wobbly tooth.

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