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What You Need to Know About Pulp Therapy

When people think of a root canal, they don’t often think about pulp. But ultimately, that’s the area being treated. Pulp is the soft part in the tooth’s center and also in the so-called root canals. The roots are the part of the tooth that extends into the gums. They have cavities, or “canals,” filled with pulp, inside them.

Pulp therapy involves removing diseased pulp and replacing it with a safe, stable filler. The neutral filler is typically made of amalgam. This clean filler doesn’t give infectious agents anything to hold on to. Once the tooth’s pulp has been replaced, a new crown is placed on the top of the tooth to seal it. Our local pediatric dentist is fully qualified to perform root canals for kids.

The Benefits of Pulp Therapy

Pulp therapy makes it possible for pediatric dentists to save teeth. The goal is to preserve the tooth so that no more decay occurs. The alternative to pulp therapy is dentures. Dentures have some problems. It’s harder to chew with them. Also, the jaw needs teeth to retain its natural shape.

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Without teeth, the whole shape of the face changes and the mouth becomes puckered. Removing teeth ages someone prematurely. That’s the exact opposite of what pediatric dentists want for their clients. If your child needs pulp therapy, don’t worry! Our local pediatric dentist is here to help. Reach out to our children’s dentist in Dunn NC today.