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Dunn Pediatric Dentist – Accepting New Patients

New patient exams are your first visit to a new dentist. For children, pediatric dentists recommend the first visit to be at or around age 2. Discussing with your child about what will happen the first visit is important to the success of the rest of the child’s life. We want that first experience to fun and engaging. At this age, the by teeth should all be in and the child able to brush with assistance from the parent. Parents are more than welcome to bring the child in earlier than age 2, however, the dentist would simply look at the child’s mouth to assess any visible decay and introduce them to the dental chair and some minor equipment.

Your First Visit

During the first dental visit, we will typically take x-rays of the child’s teeth. This consists of just 2 films or full mouth x-ray taken outside the patient’s mouth. These x-rays will enable the dentist to do a new patient dental exam. We will be able to see decay, erupting teeth, permanent teeth yet to be erupted, and how the teeth are coming in. We will show your child some dental equipment and attempt to polish the teeth and apply a fluoride treatment.

Oral Hygiene and Future Visits

During this first dental visit, we will talk with your child about eating habits and what foods help their teeth grow. How to brush and floss effectively and do hands on training with them right there in the chair so they can learn proper brushing techniques and develop good oral hygiene habits at home. Good oral hygiene habits eliminate many procedures and keeps the oral cavity healthy. We will continue to discuss these oral hygiene instructions not just during the new patient dental exam but during your lifetime at our Dunn pediatric dentist office.

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