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Local Pediatric Dentist in Dunn Provides Fluoride Treatment Services

The mineral that is commonly found in teeth and bones is fluoride. It is found naturally in plants, water, soil, rocks, and air. Fluoride is commonly used in dentistry to strengthen the outer layer of your teeth known as enamel. Mostly, fluoride treatments are commonly given to children and adolescents, but it can also help adults. According to the American Dental Association, you can reduce the chances of getting cavities and tooth decay in both kids and adults by using fluoride. We like to encourage our patients to consider fluoride treatments for healthy enamel and strong teeth.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment for Children

Despite using fluoride to boost your child’s dental health through day-to-day dental hygiene practices, it is important to visit our pediatric dentist for a checkup. There are numerous reasons why your child needs fluoride treatment:

  • Helps to prevent tooth decay
  • Protects against future cavities
  • Rebuilds weakened enamel
  • Fights the growth of harmful oral bacteria that harm the teeth and gums
  • Slows down the loss of minerals and restores them to the surface of the teeth
  • Prevents and reverses signs of root decay

Reasons Why Your Child May Need Fluoride Treatment

  • Dry mouth caused by certain diseases or medications
  • Lack of saliva can cause several problems in the mouth, so fluoride treatment needs to be applied to prevent tooth decay.
  • Having dental works like braces or bridges can make your child’s teeth prone to bacteria, and fluoride treatment can help in the hard to reach places.
  • Gum disease like gingivitis leads to tooth decay in most cases. Fluoride treatment is highly recommended.

How Fluoride Treatment Works

Anytime you take your kid to our Dunn pediatric dental clinic for a fluoride treatment, our children’s dentist will apply a gel, a varnish, or a form using a brush, swab, mouthwash, or tray.

Contact Our Dunn Pediatric Dentist Today

Although fluoride treatment is simple, the aftercare is not easy. Our Dunn NC pediatric dentist will advise you to avoid feeding your child for at least thirty minutes to give the teeth time to absorb the fluoride properly. When you plan your next visit to a children’s dentist, consider us for all your child’s dental checkup and treatment. Give us a call today for a free quote; we are happy to help.