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Should My Child Wear a Dental Mouth Guard?

Sleep should be peaceful, and when a kid has bruxism, it becomes worrying to the parent. Therefore, it is critical to understand how to stop teeth grinding for kids. Dental mouth guards are the trusted solution for bruxism since it prevents teeth grinding, providing a peaceful nights sleep to the child.

Dental Mouth Guards for Kids – Explained

Bruxism can be the genesis of oral and general health problems to an individual. To combat this situation, a dental mouth guard for kids is an ideal choice. The guard prevents teeth grinding, thus giving the kid a peaceful sleep all night long. A custom dental mouth guard is suitable for such a situation since it will perfectly fit your child’s dental formula giving you child more comfort as compared to other dental mouth guards stocked in pharmacy stores.

Benefits of Custom Dental Mouth Guards

Visiting our Dunn pediatric dentist gives your children the advantage of getting a custom dental mouth guard for kids. Here are steps on how it is done.

• The image of your dental formula is taken using X-rays
• The image is then used to custom a dental mouth guard
• The custom guard is sent to the dentist who will fit it for you

It is vital to get a custom guard because your kids teeth wont have to adapt to the custom fitting guard giving them ideal comfort from the beginning.

Maintenance of the Pediatric Dental Mouth Guard

Taking good care of the mouth guard is critical for ensuring a long and effective lifespan. Our local Dunn pediatric dentist will provide the instructions concerning the maintenance of the guard however mouth cleaning is recommended before and after using the guard.

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It is time to plan for your next estimate with your dentist, if your kids are experiencing bruxism, for quality guards. With a custom mouth guard, you do not have to worry about how to stop teeth grinding for your kids.