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6 Wisdom Teeth Fun Facts From Our Dunn Pediatric Dentist

When your child grows older, they will face the issue of their wisdom teeth pushing through. The third molar usually pushes into place when your child is between the ages of 17 and 21. The third molars picked up the name, wisdom teeth because they are the last to arrive when your child is older, according to our pediatric dentists in Dunn.

A Long-Term Issue

Our local dentist for kids will tell you all about the eruption of wisdom teeth and the problems they cause. Your child does not develop their wisdom teeth in the womb, which is why the third molars take longer to erupt. Wisdom teeth removal in Dunn is a procedure used from the teenage years onwards. Most children do not see all their wisdom teeth erupt until their late-20s to mid030s.

Removal May be Needed

If you are concerned about your child’s wisdom teeth, you should contact our pediatric dentists in Dunn. Around 85 percent of all wisdom teeth need to be removed, according to the American Dental Association.

Not Everybody has Wisdom Teeth

Our local dentist for kids see children born with wisdom teeth and those who are not. Researchers believe evolution is reducing the number of people born with wisdom teeth because they are not needed. In parts of East Asia, most people are born without wisdom teeth.

Why don’t we need Wisdom Teeth?

The answer to this question is surprising. Our ancestors used their wisdom teeth to chew and tear uncooked meat, meaning these teeth are no longer needed.

Saving Wisdom Teeth for Stem Cells

When you arrive for wisdom teeth removal in Dunn, you can consider saving your teeth for the future. Stem cells grow within wisdom teeth and can be harvested for future use.

Science is Moving Forward

Scientists are looking for ways of stopping the development of wisdom teeth. So many wisdom teeth need to be removed that halting their growth is seen as a viable option.

If your wisdom teeth are causing problems, call our pediatric dentists in Dunn to schedule an appointment today.